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ANLEC R&D: Research and Development Support

Australian National Low Emissions Coal Research and Development (ANLEC R&D) is a national research initiative to enable and accelerate carbon capture and storage (CCS) demonstration in Australia.

ANLEC R&D is a globally unique research and development collaboration between industry and government, funded equally by Australian coal producers through COAL21 and the Australian Government.

COAL21-funded CCS demonstration projects are breaking new ground in seeking to demonstrate and commercialise CCS. The ANLEC R&D project is one example of the solid research and development support which is required to support these projects.


ANLEC operates a broad-based research program to:

  • assist key stakeholders to reduce the investment risks and costs associated with deployment of CCS in Australia through the delivery of skills, data and knowledge
  • provide scientific data to assist early CCS demonstration projects secure regulatory approvals for CO2 injection
  • address science objectives unique to Australian fuels, storage geology and other Australian conditions
  • improve plant availability and performance by resolving problems for plant operations as they come on line.

Achievements and findings

ANLEC R&D has supported a number of COAL21-funded projects including the Callide Carbon Capture Oxyfuel Demonstration and the CTSCo CCS Demonstration in the Surat Basin.

In support of the Callide Oxyfuel Project, ANLEC R&D helped achieve the best possible operating conditions through:

  • optimising combustion conditions in an oxyfuel environment including managing oxygen concentration, heat transfer to boiler tubes, flame stability and flame emissivity
  • understanding flue gas quality and how impurities behave to minimise their impact on the process and enable future oxyfuel power stations to be designed to meet all regulatory emission limits.

In support of the CTSCo Carbon Storage Trial Project, ANLEC R&D assisted with:

  • understanding the behavior of CO2 at depth in the target geological storage reservoir
  • developing CO2 detection technologies to verify containment and deliver monitoring acceptable to regulators.


ANLEC R&D started in March 2010 and is funded to June 2022.  COAL21 has approved additional funds of $25m to continue to June 2027, with an effort to secure matching Federal Government funding underway.  Such funding will allow ANLEC R&D to provide ongoing support to important demonstration projects.


ANLEC R&D works closely with CCS demonstration projects, researching and developing solutions to accelerate these groundbreaking projects.

Eighty per cent of ANLEC research and development funding is directed to supporting demonstration projects funded by COAL21, while the remaining twenty per cent is directed to research investigating emerging technology concepts.

More information

Noel Simento

Managing Director, ANLEC R&D

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